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*Calculation is based on an APR of 12% on reducing interest rate. Minimum repayment period is 3 months to a maximum of 36 months.

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    You Won’t Regret

    Charles Teo

    Satisfied customer


    You Won’t Regret

    I knew I needed a wedding loan but there were just too many options in the market. It’s too confusing and time was NOT on my side. Luckily, I used Wedding Loan Curation that helped me get the best wedding loan at the lowest rate! They were really efficient and I got my loan within a day! Good!

    Thankful and content!

    Felicia Liew

    Satisfied customer


    Thankful and content!

    Wedding Loan Curation helped me get the right wedding loan. Paid for my venue booking, gown rental, photoshoots and banquets! I like that they are very responsive and that the entire process is very transparent. I recommend them!

    Incredible Experience

    Low Jing Jing

    Satisfied customer


    Incredible Experience

    I don’t know what my husband and I would do without Wedding Loan Curation! We were at our wits’ end, struggling over our wedding loan costs. It was a very stressful period. Luckily, I came across this platform that helped me secure the cheapest wedding loan! Thank you so much!!

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    Who are we

    Ever heard of Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother?

    Wedding Loan Curation is similar to a Fairy Godmother! We believe that weddings are precious ceremonies and should be celebrated brilliantly. We are here to help couples build their dream wedding by supplying them with the necessary funding. Understanding how stressful planning for a wedding gets, we lighten the financial load off couples. Our latest technology sources across all financial institutions to identify the best wedding loans. Work smart with us. Save all that hours of research. With our help, easily get the best and most flexible wedding loan in Singapore.
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    Frequently asked questions

    Have a question about wedding loans in Singapore? Start here.

    What is a wedding loan?
    A wedding loan is a personal loan that can help you cover all the costs of a wedding. From wedding bands to wedding photography to wedding banquets, a wedding loan can help you with the expenses. With a flexible wedding loan, couples can use it for any immediate wedding needs. Getting financial support simply mean that you can confidently plan your dream wedding. You can share the joy with all your friends and family.
    How does a wedding loan work?
    We understand how stressful it gets planning for a wedding. Other than the numerous amount of hours put in for research, a wedding will cost at least $20,000 to $90,000 in Singapore. That is a huge sum and can be unmanageable for some couples. </br< Let’s take an example. If you plan to get married in the next two years, you will need to set aside at least $2,000 a month. That does not include your usual food and transport expenses. Based on past experience, many couples have put off their wedding for years due to the lack of finances. This in turn delays their plans in starting a family. Well, hope is not lost. A wedding loan in Singapore will see through your needs and help you create the best wedding possible! Cover all kinds of payment and fees with a wedding loan.
    Who is eligible for a wedding loan?
    Getting a wedding loan is simpler than you think! To apply for a wedding loan, you have to be a Singaporean, a Permanent Resident (PR) or a Foreigner with a valid work permit. You will also have to be at least 21 years old and is employed, or have a steady source of income.
    Where can I apply for a wedding loan?
    You can apply for a wedding loan on our platform for free. All it takes is a few minutes to submit an enquiry. Our system will automatically cross-reference between the various financial institution and narrow down the best wedding loan packages for you and your partner. Once your results are ready, our staff will contact you for more details. We will try our best to understand more about your needs and wedding ideas. Listening and communicating well with couples are part of our core values.
    What are the benefits of applying for a wedding loan with Wedding Loan Curation?
    Just as our name suggests, you can curate a personalized wedding loan for you and your partner. We are able to meet your needs and provide the financial help you deserve.Other than that, there are 3 main benefits of using a wedding loan.1) Freedom: Borrowing from other financial institutions might cause a loss of independence.As with other loan contracts, you might lose the freedom to choose how you want to plan your wedding. There could be unexpected restrictions that are unpleasant and troublesome to handle. With our platform, we will only select the best wedding loans that are both flexible and helpful. We work with your needs in mind.2) Getting your money in a single disbursement: Minimum waiting time with fast disbursement.Should all conditions be agreeable, you can receive your money right after signing the contract. This saves travelling time and you can focus on planning your wedding.3) Better budgeting: Receiving a fixed amount of money makes it easier to budget for your wedding. With a bird’s eye view, it makes it easier for you to allocate the sums for your wedding banquet, dress rental, venue rental, trips and more. Wedding planning process because a lot smoother and efficient.
    What can I use a wedding loan for?
    You can use a wedding loan for: Wedding bands, engagement rings, wedding banquets, hotel bookings, wedding gowns and suits, wedding gowns and suits, bachelor parties, wedding dowry, wedding photography, wedding videography and honeymoon.
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