21 Places to Volunteer in Singapore and Give Back to the Community

21 Places to Volunteer in Singapore and Give Back to the Community

If you’re looking for a way to give back to the community, there are plenty of opportunities to volunteer in Singapore. From helping out at a local food bank to reading to kids or helping victims of domestic abuse, there’s a wide range of ways to get involved. And with so many great organisations to choose from, you’re sure to find a role that’s a perfect fit for your skills and interests.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start making a difference!

Learn how to contribute below:

1. Giving.sg

Giving.sg is one of the most versatile platforms you can try because it offers you diverse opportunities to volunteer. With just a few clicks, you can find something suitable for your preferences and timeframe, helping many people and causes you believe in in the process.

For example, the delivery assistant programme lets you deliver food to those in need. If you feel strongly that every child needs equal chances but don’t have sufficient money to donate, you can always volunteer your time. The tutoring initiative is an excellent choice to spend time with little Singaporeans and help them thrive.

2. Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity was born in 2004 to build houses for the less fortunate. The project stretches on the entire Asia-Pacific area, helping to rehabilitate apartments in Singapore for the vulnerable, but also build decent homes abroad. Habitat for Humanity aims to improve living conditions and give people back their dignity.

Of course, your work here can be pretty intense.

The satisfaction will be on par with that extenuation, though. Imagine how much of a difference you can make for those with disabilities, the elderly, or low-income people who cannot afford decent housing.

3. Very Special Arts Singapore

Very Special Arts Singapore allows you to give back to your community through your know-how. At this Singaporean association, you can organise art programmes, conduct workshops or put together entire performances. Volunteer your knowledge and love of art for disabled children and adults.

Very Special Arts has been running successfully since 1993, so your skills won’t be wasted.

You can pick any area you want to; art doesn’t have to mean painting. Dance, music, and drama are equally in demand. You can also donate your money to contribute to Singapore staying an inclusive society.

4. Singapore Anti-Narcotics Association

Narcotics are a plague that destroys entire communities. Singapore has very severe legal punishments for this offence, aiming to control production and trafficking. However, the number of drug abusers on the island is still high.

If you volunteer your time at Singapore Anti-Narcotics Association, you can make a difference.

The two programmes to consider are:

  • Para-counsellors: Supporting ex-offenders and their families with clear strategies to reintegrate and meet their goals
  • Outreach Ambassadors: Getting involved in awareness campaigns and conducting house visits

As such, you can get involved in preventing drug abuse and giving new meaning to the lives of ex-drug abusers.

5. Touch Community Services

Touch Community Services is a non-profit charity that began its activity in 1992 as a small initiative to help vulnerable children in Singapore. Now, the organisation has grown into a multiservice, integrated charity. It also has outlets throughout the island.

Its purpose is to improve the life quality of people living in Singapore.

Its mission is to empower and assist Singaporeans who can’t provide for themselves. One of the most successful programmes is the Meals on Wheels initiative, which needs car-owners or drivers to collect pre-packaged food and deliver the packages.

You can also enrol in other services to provide medical assistance or housekeeping to the less fortunate, as well as escort services and monetary donations.

6. Singapore Red Cross Society

The Red Cross in Singapore has the same mission as any Red Cross worldwide: to decrease human suffering as much as possible. Your volunteer services will help do that.

Even better, you can choose how to best put your abilities to work.

For example, if you’re a leader in your community or have a large following on social media, you can participate in fundraising or blood donation drives.

Alternatively, you can be more hands-on in the Red Cross with ambulance services or the Home for the Disables Day Centre. This recreational activity centre allows people with disabilities to integrate into their community.

Of course, the Red Cross offers a myriad of other humanitarian causes you can help or donate to.

7. Willing Hearts

If you like cooking, you can always put your skills up for the less fortunate in Singapore. Everyone should have access to good, healthy nutrition regardless of their social status – that’s what Willing Hearts believes.

Now, you can give a hand in this soup kitchen.

Even if you don’t know how to cook, you can still help with other tasks, like prepping the ingredients, packaging the food, or cleaning. Willing Hearts is open every day and is located on Jalan Ubi Street in Paya Lebar.

8. Asian Women’s Welfare Association

AWWA has over 800 opportunities for people who want to volunteer their time. Depending on your skill level, you can get involved in children’s education and integration support. You can also help adults who have specific needs or elderly individuals. AWWA also contributes to helping vulnerable families with precious social assistance.

You can even help administratively or donate your time.

9. Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

SPCA is one of the most prominent organisations fighting animal cruelty globally. It is also a significant charity that helps pets find families.

SPCA offers animal rescue services around the clock, foster care, and workshops and seminars. You can find a slew of positions to volunteer your time, from caring for the animals to food delivery and money donations.

10. Make A Wish Foundation

The Make a Wish Foundation helps children with terminal medical conditions see their wishes come true. You, too, can volunteer in this noble endeavour and help the little ones see a ray of sunshine in their dark times.

The charity allows you to donate your money or become a Wish Granter yourself. If you don’t have the necessary funds or can’t work closely alongside terminally ill children, you can always chip in with the administrative work.

11. Humanitarian Organization for Migration Economics

HOME was founded in 2004 to help and empower workers from other countries who go through exploitation in Singapore. This charity’s mission is to prevent abuse and advocate for migrant workers in need.

Your efforts with HOME won’t be wasted.

Firstly, the charity works with many government agencies, companies, and community partners to exercise its mission. Secondly, you have a range of opportunities to volunteer, from raising funds to offering direct assistance, employment and legal advice, skills training and advocacy. You can also befriend someone who came from abroad and help them integrate into Singapore.

12. Nature Society

Society understands more and more each year the importance of nature. It’s not just about saving animal civilisations; it’s about honouring Mother Earth enough to help it maintain a balance.

Without this balance, humans won’t have a very long existence on this planet either.

Nature Society offers multiple opportunities to volunteer. For example, you can contribute to rescuing horshoe crabs or participating in research projects if you like hiking. You can also clear marshes or observe butterflies’ feeding behaviours.

Basically, the world is your oyster with Nature Society.

13. Singapore Council of Women’s Organisations

SCWO is a Singaporean charity that aims to help women and children undergoing domestic violence. The organisation seeks to take them out of the traumatic environment, offering them childcare, living support and refuge, as well as psychological assistance.

You can become a volunteer at the SCWO to ensure women and children are safe and get past their dire circumstances. For example, you can:

  • Lend a hand at the Star Shelter, which is a refuge for these people
  • Tutor children
  • Offer childcare assistance
  • Raise funds by volunteering at the New2U Thrift Shop
  • Participate in administrative operations

14. kidsREAD Clubs

kidsREAD Clubs is a governmental initiative developed by the National Library of Singapore, which aims to help underprivileged children become literate. But that’s not all the initiative does:

Reading opens up a world of possibilities for children. All a young mind needs is a spark to set a whole fire going.

Reading improves creativity, critical thinking, analysis, memory, and assertiveness. Reading can also decrease stress and build up resilience, quieting rumination. Besides, underprivileged children will need extra education to recognise and take advantage of their opportunities.

It’s easy to help children achieve that:

Simply become a reader at the kidsREAD Clubs and help educate the new generation of Singapore.

15. Babes

Being pregnant is a demanding experience, both physically and mentally. Teenage mothers experience more challenges because they don’t have financial independence, security, and work experience. Often, they have to interrupt their studies and face extreme stigma from their families and peers.

You can help them by volunteering at Babes.

This charity helps young pregnant teenagers who need material and psychological support, whether they want to keep their babies or not. You can get involved in a slew of duties, participate in fundraising, or make friends with the girls.

16. Breast Cancer Foundation

The Breast Cancer Foundation in Singapore aims to fight the most prevalent disease threatening the lives of Singapore women. This condition can be identified and stopped through regular screenings. Adequate medical treatment and counselling are essential.

That’s why the Breast Cancer Foundation boasts plenty of opportunities to volunteer.

You can get involved in their awareness campaigns, seminars, and events. Other roles include administrative and logistics support, graphic design, photography/videography, etc.

17. Pathlight School

Pathlight is the first school in Singapore that focuses on children with autism. The academic institution has a well-established curriculum that includes educational topics and life skills. As such, the students have more chances to develop their education and reap the opportunities life offers.

There are many roles you can take on if you volunteer at Pathlight. For example, you can help organise events for the little ones. You can also lend a hand in the institution’s library or participate in fundraisers.

Remember, though:

You will need to commit long-term because children with autism need consistency. If you can’t offer that, you can still contribute to the cause by donating.

18. Fei Yue

Fei Yue is a non-profit welfare organisation that explicitly wants to assist the Singaporean elderly. Some of these people need help getting access to food or medicine, so that means you can pack and distribute those rations.

Others don’t need material help, but they are lonely.

As such, you can help alleviate their solitude by visiting them at home or taking them out to have fun. If you don’t like to be in the middle of things but would nevertheless like to contribute, volunteer your time for admin work.

19. HCA Hospice

HCA Hospice is the largest home hospice care provider, which means you can find many volunteering opportunities. The patients here need someone to:

  • Talk to
  • Get them to their appointments
  • Help them with therapy sessions
  • Set up events

The best thing about becoming a volunteer at HCA Hospice is that a coordinator will chat with you first. After that, you’ll go through orientation and training to ensure that the role you’re taking suits you best.

20. Trash Hero Singapore

Sometimes, people throw trash on the beaches in Singapore. Other times, plastic and garbage washes out on the shore. This trash is hazardous, increasing pollution and poisoning marine wildlife.

Trash Hero Singapore allows you to become a hero for your entire planet.

Trash Hero Singapore helps you learn more about the dangers of pollution and what you can do to create a waste-free environment. The guides will teach you how to collect the trash, giving you all the necessary equipment. All you have to do is show up!


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