Best No Annual Fee Credit Cards Comparison In Singapore

Best No Annual Fee Credit Cards Comparison In Singapore

No annual fee credit cards are gaining in popularity. Slowly, credit card companies have started transitioning from a purely corporate demeanor to a more friendly one. And credit cards with no annual fees are one of the best examples.

This move will be helpful for couples who are planning their wedding! Wedding costs can easily go up to $50,000 and more and it will be smart to reap credit card benefits. Of course, you can keep the wedding cost low by following these tips.

There are a few cards that charge you no annual fee. And we are going to talk about the best ones here.

Note that most of the cards that are marketed and advertised as “no annual fee” credit cards are essentially credit cards with the first or first few years’ worth of annual fees waived off. You still have to pay annual fees after this tenure ends. But regardless, you will hopefully be in a much better position by the time that happens and initial annual fee waivers are therefore better than credit cards with no fee waivers.

With the wrong credit card, a wedding loan might even be the better choice. After all, getting a wedding loan quote is free. That doesn’t eliminate the importance of research, however. Always make sure you do your research and understand the annual fee waivers completely.

Best Credit Cards With No Annual Fee In Singapore 

Credit CardFeatures
1.Standard Chartered Smart Credit Card- Annual fee perpetually waived off.
- $0 minimum spend.
2.American Express Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Credit Card- 1-year annual fee waived off.
- $176.50 annually after that.
- 90% annual interest rate.
3.HSBC Visa Platinum Credit Card- 2 years annual fee waived off.
- $192.6 annually after that.
- 90% annual interest rate.
4.Standard Chartered Unlimited Cashback Credit Card- 2 years annual fee waiver.
- $192.6 annually after that.
- 90% annual interest rate.
5.Standard Chartered Rewards+ Credit Card- 2 years annual fee waiver.
- $192.6 annually after that.
- 90% annual interest rate.
6.CIMB Visa Signature- Annual fee perpetually waived off.
- Minimum spend of S$800 per month.
7.OCBC 365 Credit Card- 2 years annual fee waiver.
- $192.6 annual fee after that.
- 88% annual interest rate.
8.Maybank Family & Friends Card- 3 years annual fee waiver.
- $180 annual fee after that.
- 90% annual interest rate.


1. Standard Chartered Smart Credit Card

Annual fee waiver: Forever.

One of the perpetually free (from annual fees) credit cards, SC’s Smart is the #1 on our list for a reason. It’s one of the best no annual fee credit cards in Singapore currently.

This card comes with a 3-month Disney+ subscription. There is no minimum spend, and of course, no interest. You can also avail of a 6% cashback from Netflix, Spotify, and fast food joints, among others. Using the Standard Chartered Smart Credit Card, you can convert your transactions into 3-month installments for free.

The requirements are pretty straightforward. Your age has to be between 21 and 65 years old. The annual credit card salary is at $30,000 for Singapore citizens and permanent residents, and $60,000 for foreigners (those with either P1, P2, or Q type employment passes).

You will need NRIC (both, front and back), and a passport if you are a foreigner along with your employment pass and proof of residence in Singapore.

Income documents are also applicable sometimes when applying for the Smart Credit Card from Standard Chartered.

2. American Express Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Credit Card

Annual fee waiver: 1 year – S$176.5 annually after that.

The Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Credit Card from American Express has a reward that any new cardholder is eligible for.

You can receive up to 13,300 miles with a minimum spend in the first 3 months with this card. And that’s not all! This no annual fee card also has an additional complimentary one-night stay at the Andaz Singapore, which includes breakfast for 2 (up to $440++) – only if you are new to American Express, however.

What else is there? Well, as it turns out, plenty.

You get 12,000 bonus KrisFlyer miles upon an upgrade to KrisFlyer Ascend Credit Card, a $150 cashback at Singapore Airlines, 500 bonus KrisFlyer miles on your first telco recurring bill spend, and more. You can use this benefit for your honeymoon!

Truly one of the best options for frequent travelers, you are looking at amazing savings on travel miles with this one, and it becomes all the better if you are new to American Express.

3. HSBC Visa Platinum Credit Card

Annual fee waiver: 2 years – $192.6 annually after that.

The HSBC Visa Platinum Card is an internationally acclaimed credit card. For Singaporeans too, it brings with it the much-needed perks and rewards apart from a 2-years annual fee waiver.

HSBC defines this card as their “best cash rebate card with no annual fee for the family”. That itself tells you a lot. Best for families, you can spend up to $1,000 worth of cash rebate each year.

5% cash rebate, deals for the family, 1 reward point per dollar, $30 cashback for MyInfo, no annual fees for the first couple of years – what more do you need!

Fun fact: The HSBC Visa Platinum Credit Card is made up of 85.5% recycled plastic and thus, is (mostly) eco-friendly!

4. Standard Chartered Unlimited Cashback Credit Card

Annual fee waiver: 2 years – S$192.6 annually after that.

The Unlimited Cashback Credit Card is precisely what it sounds like. For the cashback lover and heavy spender, you can earn 1.5% cashback on all spending. No minimum spend and no cashback cap either!

You will also be eligible to get up to $20,000 worth of interest-free cash (with 100% cashback on the processing fee for the same). Successful application and making your first eligible transaction can make you get up to $120 as cashback as well.

It’s an instant digital credit card, something we love SC for. You can apply using MyInfo easily.

5. Standard Chartered Rewards + Credit Card

Annual fee waiver: 2 years – $192.6 annually after that.

The Rewards+ Credit Card is although not free forever, it does have some bells and whistles that are absent in cards that do.

10x reward points on foreign currency transactions (including overseas retail, travel, and dining). 5x reward points for transactions on dining in SGD. What’s more, you also get up to $120 cashback upon your first eligible transaction after a successful application.

This card additionally includes complimentary travel medical insurance (coverage of up to $500,000). Charge the full fare to the card before going abroad to avail of this offer.

Really great for those who spend in overseas currencies, the Rewards+ Credit Card from Standard Chartered holds its ground against the bigger behemoths on this list purely because of its simplicity and convenience.

6. CIMB Visa Signature

Annual fee waiver: Forever.

With a minimum spend of $800 per month and up to $100 cashback, you get a 10% cash rebate on wine and dine; petrol and transport; and travel expenses.

The CIMB Visa Signature is one of the best and most well-known credit cards in Singapore. You can enjoy up to 10% cashback on online shopping, beauty and wellness, pet shops and veterinary services, groceries, and cruises.

With over a thousand deals and discounts, the CIMB Visa Signature credit card is truly a convenient tool for spending.

You also get a 0.2% cashback on every other retail purchase – no minimum spending or monthly caps. So, this card is particularly good for big spenders where even 0.2% of a transaction they do is considerable.

7. OCBC  365 Credit Card

Annual fee waiver: 2 years – $192.6 annually after that.

Noted among those who spend highly on dining, the OCBC 365 credit card has a 26.88% interest rate (which is slightly higher than what we are used to). The 365 Credit Card from OCBC is aimed at those who love cashbacks.

It has amazing cashback features such as 6% cashback on online food delivery and dining; 3% cashback on land transport, utilities, groceries, and online travel; and up to 22.1% fuel savings at Caltex. There is also the provision of 0.3% cashback on all other spendings.

Minimum eligibility criteria for Singaporeans or permanent residents of Singapore is pretty much as per the norm: $30,000, but for foreigners, they have a pretty low minimum annual income of $45,000 (as compared to $60,000 or upwards in most other cases).

Earning cashback on everything from dining and groceries to land transport and petrol all year round – sounds like something you’d enjoy? Well then, look no further! The 2-year fee waiver is just the icing on the cake.

8. Maybank Family & Friends Card

Annual fee waiver: 3 years – $180 annually after that.

Considered one of the most reliable credit cards out there, the Maybank Family & Friends card comes with freedom of choice. You can choose the cashback categories that best fit your lifestyle. Once done, you can enjoy an 8% cashback on all of those transactions!

You can choose (yep, you read that right) 5 categories from these 8: Groceries; Dining and food delivery; Transport; Data communication and online TV streaming; Retail and pets; Online fashion; Entertainment; and Pharmacy and Wellness.

Getting 8% cashback on 5 of these categories, categories that you choose yourself, is surely one of the best selling points of the Maybank Family & Friends Card.

The monthly cap on cashback is $800. After that, a 0.3% cashback will apply to further spending that month. This 0.3% cashback also applies to all other categories that you don’t choose.

Note that you need to download and install the Maybank TREATS SG app first in order to choose your categories.

Fun fact: You can choose from 3 card designs (the Original, the Minimalist, and the Contemporary) – only applicable for new card applicants.


Choosing The Right No Annual Fee Credit Card For Yourself

Choosing The Right No Annual Fee Credit Card For Yourself Wedding Loan Curation

So, we covered a total of 8 credit cards here. Different cards are aimed at different types of spenders. You shall now be able to determine which card fits the bill for you.

A waiver can be a good thing. Try to maximize it. A three-year annual fee waiver, for example, is a great deal. On the other hand, if a card with absolutely no annual fee is the right fit for you (Standard Chartered Smart Credit Card and the CIMB Visa Signature card) then it’s the best option for you.

While these credit cards can help with your wedding costs, they might still not be enough, especially when you hit the credit card limit. For couples who are struggling financially, they can apply for a wedding loan to celebrate the best and most romantic wedding possible.

Wedding Loan Curation helps you and your partner source the best wedding loan rates. We provide you with multiple quotes to compare for free!

Financing your dream wedding has never been easier.
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