9 Best Blogshops For Affordable But Brilliant Bridesmaid Dresses In Singapore

9 Best Blogshops For Affordable But Brilliant Bridesmaid Dresses In Singapore

Your wedding day will soon be here, and the costs are piling up: your wedding dress, the cost of engagement rings, the venue, the favours, and the vendors. While all these costs can be settled with a wedding loan, there’s still more to think of!

Then there’s the bridesmaid dress. Or dresses.

You want your wedding party dressed according to your wedding theme, don’t you? We’ve got you covered even if your budget is limited.

The 9 blogshops below feature affordable prices and amazingly-looking gowns. Besides, their excellent deals fit different wedding styles and themes. Scroll down to see them!

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1. My Little Bow

My Little Bow is the right choice if you’re interested in a convertible dress. This idea has been gaining a lot of traction lately, which is why Little Bow has open shops in Malaysia, the Philippines, and Singapore.

You’ll love the mix of materials, textures, and colours. Choose pale colours for a classic style or flowery, multicoloured dresses for an eclectic wedding style.

My Little Bow has another unique selling proposition: it’s the only blogshop that sells convertible dresses along with professional dress tying. Thus, each of your bridesmaids will get excellent dress fitting and custom-tailoring.

Psst. Has your groom still not bought his groomsmen’s bowties? You’ll find fantastic options at My Little Bow for them as well.


  • Convertible dresses: From $30
  • Dress Alteration Service: $15
  • Dress Fitting Service: $18
  • Actual Day Dress Tying Service: From $88



2. MDS Collection

MDS Collection has several dress categories on its website. We know your first impulse is to head straight to the Wedding section, but be smart about it. You can find beautiful, unique dresses for your bridesmaids within the other categories, too.

For instance, if your wedding exudes a romantic style, you can check out the Date Night section. The Weekends section is a treasure trove of dresses if you’re opting for a laidback, Bo-Ho style.

And don’t neglect those pantsuits either. We know that your Nainai may disapprove, but be brave!

That said, you have over seventy bridesmaids options within the Wedding category. Some dresses are lacy and vaporous, while others are shiny and sleek. Some dresses have intense colours, like burgundy, but you can find lighter colours, such as pink or ash blue.

Plus, some dresses are classic and sober; others look like fairytale pieces, while others are cute and sporty.

Another advantage: MDS Collection features various discounts and promotions. Currently, you get 20% off for online and in-store purchases, while the shipping fee is $3.99 WORLDWIDE.

Price:  From $17.37



3. Intoxiquette

Intoxiquette has intoxicatingly attractive options. Their array features fabulous crochet lace maxi dresses for your bridesmaids, which look both vaporous and stylish. As such, these dresses are perfect for a garden, Bo-Ho, or beach ceremony.

The press pleats options exude vintage and relaxed vibes, so they work well with a wide range of wedding themes, from classic to vintage. With the right accessories, you can even make them work with a luxury-style wedding.

The only disadvantage is that Intoxiquette features fewer wedding options than the other two websites above.

Price: From $45.90



4. The Thread Theory

This Singapore based retailer stuns through its self-manufactured dresses. Basically, buying from them is like purchasing a designer dress, but much cheaper. Besides, it ensures that your bridesmaids get personalised, unique dresses according to their styles and your wedding theme.

The Wedding & Bridesmaids category is a treasure trove of options.

For example, the burgundy Lady Love Song Dress is a delicate and feminine piece for a classic wedding. Choose Before Sunset if you’re hosting a Bo-Ho reception – this two-piece sleeved dress in nude pink looks I-don’t-care cool.

Plus, you can find a range of convertible dresses at affordable prices too.

Price: From $15



5. Love Bonito

Love Bonito is a popular name in the industry, and they feature an impressive wedding collection.

Although the prices are slightly higher than what you’ve seen so far, many brides consider Love Bonito worth splurging on. The materials’ quality, design, and craftsmanship ensure that your bridesmaids will look their best.

Besides, the timeless designs have several advantages: your bridesmaids can fit these dresses with various footwear, from relaxed trainers to elegant stilettos.

The dresses are not limited to weddings. Moreover, they can wear their gowns to other parties or dates without strangers figuring out these are bridesmaids’ wear.

Love Bonito has many options in terms of style: sober, classic, elegant, playful, relaxed, sweet, and so forth. Unfortunately, the colour options are mainly restricted to pink, light blue, and navy blue.

Prices: From $30.90



6. Doublewoot

Doublewoot is a Malay fashion brand, but you can purchase their dresses from Singapore as well. Plus, you get free shipping!

Doublewoot is an excellent alternative because many Malay stars wear this brand’s creations. Now, your bridesmaids can don them as well.

On the downside, these dresses are the most expensive of what you’ve seen so far. However, you’ll find attractive options, sober knee-length dresses with tight cuts and high necks, as well as lace dresses with flowery motifs.

We like Doublewoot because you can browse their website endlessly for all sorts of options. From sexy ball gowns to lacy or sexy dresses, your bridesmaids will indeed find dresses they like according to your theme.

Prices: From $51



7. Love And Bravery

Love and Bravery features beautiful creations with stunning designs and materials. For example, you can try a teal velvet maxi dress for your bridesmaids, especially if you’re hosting a garden or beach party. Conversely, you can choose an airy sleeved dress for a cosy wedding ceremony.

Alternatively, their navy-coloured tulle maxi dress is excellent for a fairy-tale-like wedding. The quality of their clothes is also assured.

Another advantage to this blogshop is that you have some footwear options as well.

Price: From $28



8. A For Arcade

A For Arcade features hipsterish options that fit amazing with a pair of laidback trainers and a wide-brimmed hat. For example, Cloud Nine Tulle Midi Skirt in Tiffany features a buoyant azure dress with a cashmere-like shirt on top.

A For Arcade features baby-coloured pink midi dresses with heart-shaped necklines that look amazing at a garden party. You can also choose some of their pencil-skirted, high-neck dresses if you’re hosting a formal gathering.

Plus, there are many other options to browse. Don’t forget to hunt the regular discounts.

Price: From $10



9. Ohvola

Ohvola is a popular choice in Singapore because it features dresses for every taste and shape. For example, you can choose a longer gown for an evening party. Conversely, a day garden party is perfect for sporting shorter dresses with trainers or casual sandals.

You can also choose button-downed, no-waist dresses for your petite bridesmaids if you’re hosting a bohemian or vintage reception. Also, consider a kimono party if your wedding has a Chinese theme.

As you can see from their website, Ohvola is best for relaxed wedding themes. You only have a couple of options if you’re hosting a lavish wedding, such as the delicate Good Vibes Tent Dress or the Aveline Ruched Dress.

Price: From $18.90



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