Ways To Get A Cheap Wedding Dress In Singapore For Your Big Day

Ways To Get A Cheap Wedding Dress In Singapore For Your Big Day

Most of the women have dreamt about their wedding dresses since they were little girls, so when the time comes to find the perfect wedding gown it can be quite stressful! Nevertheless, choosing a wedding gown is without a doubt is one of the most thrilling things on a bride’s to-do list.

But not every bride wants to dish out thousands of dollars on a gown she is likely to wear just once in her lifetime.

This is why shopping in Singapore for a wedding dress can be difficult when you get a look at the price tags. Having a wedding is expensive. There are also other ceremonies such as the Guo Da Li to consider.

Regardless, if you do not wish to spend so much money or if you have a tight wedding budget, there are so many other options today.

So, Wedding Loan Curation is here to help you! We listed some ways here for the wedding dress shopping for brides-to-be in Singapore to help them find the gown of their dreams while staying well within their budget.

#1. Rent your wedding dress

Consider Renting A Wedding Dress Wedding Loan Curation

Well, the most obvious cost-cutting technique when it comes to wedding dresses is to rent one instead of buying one.

If you do not want to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on a dress that you are bound to wear once and feel guilty about it, why not rent a wedding dress then? And no, renting does not mean that you have to give up your picture-perfect wedding design nor do you have to wear something that is not to your liking and does not fit.

In fact, you can wear gowns from internationally acclaimed designers when you go with certain wedding gown renting services. These renting services also have packages that can save you a lot of money because these budget prices provide you with quality wedding dresses at very affordable prices.

You can then book the best bridal studio in Singapore for your wedding photoshoot!

#2. Wait for a sale

If you have some time on your hands before the big day, you can wait and explore dresses at the annual or wedding events before you go ahead and buy your dress.

You can not only buy a dress but you can also bargain for a lower price. And no need to feel embarrassed for the bargaining because your future husband might appreciate those skills.

There are all types of sales. Some are associated with certain days whereas others are simply clearance sales. It’s not rare to find stores that do clearance sales because their previous stock wasn’t sold out completely. Sometimes, they might not even advertise this. It helps to be on the lookout for such sales. You can also ask about any clearance sales via email or phone call and the staff will let you know the best way to get the bang for your buck.

#3. Check samples / display wedding gowns

Since the wedding dress industry needs to constantly bring in new designs, the old ones have to be taken out of the market. Boutiques and retailers sell their sample gowns at a high discount to make room for the latest ones.

You need to stay alert about the sample sales that the boutiques hold if you do not want to miss out on the dress you admire for a really low price.

Most boutiques and shops generally advertise their sample sales on their social media pages. So make sure you are following all your favorite or nearby boutiques and shops. You never know when they will advertise a new sample sale. It helps to first check their feed, if it’s a boutique that never holds any sale on its social media page then it likely won’t in the future as well.

But if you happen to find a store that has put up sample sales in the past then congratulations, it can be a goldmine!

#4. Check retail wedding line

The first thing that occurs at the thought of wedding dress shopping is to visit a boutique or a store. But they can be very expensive so why not get it from a retailer at a conveniently low price?

Nowadays, a handful of retailers have their own wedding dress lines at significantly lower costs.

You might not find a sheer number of designs to choose from when buying from a retailer when compared to a traditional boutique but you can save a lot of money by buying a chiffon number that is perfectly and elegantly pieced together in a retail factory.

#5. Have a custom-made dress

Having a custom-made dress can be very cheap because you pay for the fabric, embellishments, and the tailor’s time and expertise as they do not have a markup between the manufacturer and retailer.

You can easily find a tailor who is up for the challenge to give you your dream dress by searching in your local area and you can always check the feedback before committing to a private seller.

Custom-made dresses also make sure that you have minimal need for alterations and fitting issues when the dress is ready. As it’s made for exactly you, there won’t be any issue while you are also saving a bunch of money if you get the right deal.

#6. Go for bridal packages

When you decide on hiring a photographer, look for photography and gown packages as there are some photographers and photo studios that have tie-ups with bridal boutiques, offering packages that can save you a lot of money not only on a gown but on makeup as well.

These studios can provide the groom’s suit as well apart from the wedding gown and of course, the photography service itself. All in all, these packages can turn out to be the perfect all-in-one solution for a cheaper wedding.

Here’s a list of top bridal studios that can help you.

#7. Opt for a short dress

Short dresses are typically less expensive than a full-length gown. Not to mention they are also pretty easy-breezy and chic. Not everyone likes shorter dresses though. If you do, however, and if it’s something that you see working at your wedding, then you can go for a formal, semi-formal, or even casual short dress.

Shorter dresses don’t necessarily have to be wedding gowns. Instead, all types of dresses and mostly semi-formal dresses can double up as your official wedding piece.

Don’t be fixated too much on the wrong things. If a dress makes you look beautiful and feel confident then it’s the one. What type or size it is – now that’s a secondary consideration.

#8. Look for boutiques at the Far East Plaza or City Plaza

If you go and rent a dress from a well-known bridal boutique you can expect yourself blowing a lot of money. So, why not visit the lesser-known boutiques at the Far East Plaza where you can find dresses to purchase at a cheaper price than what you are about to pay for a rental from a traditional boutique? Sounds like a good idea? Great.

Boutiques in the Far East Plaza and City Plaza have gowns from as low as $180. It’s not entirely unrealistic to assume that you will be getting quite a deal here. If you are okay with going a little less formal then the choices are even more.

We recommend these stores in the Far East Plaza: Elegrance, Betty’s Loft, and Conabelle.


More tips

If none of that turns out working for you, don’t fret.

We have a few more tips and tricks that just might save the day and help you get a wedding dress for relatively cheap.

#1. Hunt in the department stores

Department stores such as Metro or BHG aren’t just for auntie clothes. Given you have the time to search through its entirety, a department store can easily be home to a hidden gem. Getting your hands on some reasonably priced full-length gowns or semi-formal dresses isn’t all that hard here.

But time is of the essence here. You probably will need to scourge a few department stores to get some good options in some cases. Be prepared and be fast.

#2. Be a part of Facebook groups

Facebook groups might turn out to be the perfect destination! There are many groups dedicated to buying and selling used gowns, shoes, and even décor. We always recommend secondhand dresses over rentals. Rentals have already been worn by dozens, if not hundreds, of brides. Secondhand dresses have only been worn once, hopefully.

A secondhand dress is much better in that regard. The largest such Facebook group is called Budget Brides (Singapore). You will also find great recommendations here in terms of the services and vendors you are going to need.

#3. Buy gowns or dresses from Taobao

Taobao is a great destination for shoppers who aren’t too inflexible when it comes to choosing the right place to buy their wedding dress from.

The Alibaba-owned website has a wedding section that can be the difference between the perfect dress and a disaster, all without breaking the bank. Most of the cheap wedding gowns that you get through other suppliers are also manufactured in China, so it doesn’t really make that much of a difference if you go with Taobao. You can get some really nice deals over here.

These same dresses would be selling for double or even triple their price on stores and boutiques – which you can use to try on first! Note that if you do choose a gown from Taobao then you have to make sure that it has a generally positive reputation.

The reviews are integral to online shopping in general and much more important in these cases. User reviews also have user photographs, which can give you a pretty accurate look and feel of how the gown or dress is going to look on your body.

Heads up: You might need to translate the page first. Choose 女装精品 (Women’s clothes) and then 婚纱礼服 (Wedding dresses) under that.

#4. Save money on the alterations

Go for cheaper alterations. The first thing you should do for alterations is to get the help of a local tailor. Getting the fit right is going to be much easier and cheaper with your own tailor, in your own time, as compared to the bridal studio.

It can also be significantly faster in some cases. Also, you can easily skip hem alteration for shoots because the extra length won’t be clear anyway.


In conclusion

Wedding planning can be a financial strain on new couples. To help with the finances, some couples may choose to apply for a wedding loan to meet their needs.

There are still ways to get an elegant wedding dress at low prices that won’t break the bank. It’s how you search for the perfect wedding dress.

Hopefully, we helped you out in your search for cheap or reasonably priced wedding gowns and dresses. The chances are infinite. The more you hunt for wedding dresses, the more opportunities will open up to you.

We understand that it’s not a regular task for most people to routinely hunt for wedding gowns and dresses. That’s why we have taken our entire experience and distilled it into this shopping guide. All the tips and tricks that you will ever need, in one place.

Happy shopping!

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