How To Pose For Wedding Photos – Easy Poses For All

How To Pose For Wedding Photos – Easy Poses For All

When it comes to posing on your big day, there is a lot of things you need to do to capture the perfect moments as a newly wedded couple. You’ll definitely be doing wedding photoshoots!

Your makeup has to be on point, your hair can be perfect, your smile can be flawless, but do you know how to confidently pose when the camera is ready to capture those priceless moments?

The secret of posing is quite simple actually, you just need to find your angles and the perfect lighting while showcasing the deep connection that you and your partner share.

Of course, it is easier said than done.

But still posing for your wedding photos can feel a little bit awkward. And no, we are not telling you to go through some fashion magazine stye photoshoot or hire a lot of professionals to get your looks right, but you might want to get familiar with some key wedding poses and dos and don’ts before your big day arrives. We don’t want to waste all that wedding planning now do we?

To help you get a good idea of posing, we have picked some great ideas to ensure your wedding photoshoot captures every blissful moment as you go through your big day.


Tips To Pose Naturally (Say Goodbye To Awkward Photos!)

Your wedding day will be one of the happiest and most memorable days of your life. But that does not mean you have to wear a full-on grin or keep your emotions in check all the time.

When it is time for you to smile, resist the urge to smile as long as possible and try to be more relaxed while doing so. In between posing for photos fall back, close your eyes, relax your body so that your poses do not look forced, and this way you can give your facial muscles a chance to relax too.

Keep in mind that your wedding is a happy and intimate occasion and it should be reflected in your photos too, try to show the connection that you share with your spouse and let your emotions flow. Interact with each other, think about all the funny and happy times you spent with each other, and live them again through the memories so the photographer can capture them.

Another tip to prevent yourself from tiring out, is to only smile at the very last second! The photographer says “1…2…3!”, and you grin at 3! This will allow you to smile naturally!

This will not only make for the perfect candid pictures but will also give you a wave of satisfaction when you look back to reminisce about your wedding day.


Poses To Rock Like A Pro On Your Wedding Day

Tips To Pose Naturally For Your Wedding Wedding Loan Curation

There are many different poses to give a try on your big day. Wedding poses should flatter anyone who gets to witness the photographs while showing the deep love connection you share with your partner.

But between all the wedding planning and preparations, how can you plan some great picture-perfect poses in such a limited time?

Don’t worry. Here we have some most swoon-worthy wedding photograph poses for you to rock.

#1. Give It A Whirl

While wearing your gorgeous wedding dress you do not want to miss out on how beautiful you look while twirling. Hold your dress and give it a go for the photographer to capture the perfect twirl, or better yet, let both your hands go and enjoy the moment.

#2. The First Look

This is one of the must-have poses for your wedding. It is enjoyable to have that alone and intimate moment with your spouse before all the eyes are on you and you have to spend the rest of the time chatting with the guests which will leave no alone time for you as a couple for rest of the day.

The first look is always intimate which brings a lot of grooms to tears, which also guarantees a genuine reaction from the bride and groom to create one of the most important wedding day memories.

#3. The Intimate Forehead Kiss

Most of the times grooms are taller than their brides, so it is easy for them to wrap their arms around the bride’s waist and plant a soft kiss on their forehead.

This will create a perfect intimate moment full of love and affection and probably one of the best moments in your wedding album.

#4. Side By Side Hands Holding

This pose can be seen very often, but it is simply beautiful because couples are standing side by side holding each other’s hands as they look at each other or laughing at what everyone is saying. This pose perfectly captures the outfits of the couple and the simple essence of this very pose can evoke beautiful emotions.

It also represents your commitment of standing by each other no matter what happens.

#5. Spin Around

This pose is perfect to create some artistic essence to your wedding album. Grooms can lift the brides and give them a little spin as the veil whirls around both of them. But make sure you are careful as to not trip over each other or rip the dress.

The final results of the spinning pose can be breathtakingly gorgeous. Brides, let go of your arms and feel the wind for a light and free look.

#6. Take A Stroll

Taking a stroll while holding hands could never go wrong because it is simple yet classic. This is the best idea if you have a wedding in larger landscapes such as mountains, beaches, and castles.

While you take a stroll remember to get further away so that the photographer can capture the scenery in the background. You can slowly walk away while talking and laughing so that various shots can be taken creating perfect moments in those images.

#7. Look Over Your Shoulder

This is one of the most elegant poses!

While facing away from a camera holding each other’s hand, look back over your shoulder while your partner looks at you to create a classic yet modern pose which is easy to create yet tops the list of poses. This pose will also be perfectly able to capture the adoration in your partner’s eyes which in turn will be one of the most loving memories from your wedding.

#8. The Lift Up

This pose will capture one of the most gleeful moments because this pose usually makes the bride giggle and laugh as the groom lifts her up below her hip to have a firm grip and doesn’t accidentally drop her. The bride should wrap her arms around the groom’s neck and enjoy the moment as she flies into the air like a Disney movie ending.

If the bride has a long veil, the groom should spin as he holds her which will make the photograph come to life.

#9. The First Dance

No wedding album is complete without a photograph of your first dance wedding pose. This is fun as you can practice your first dance before the ceremony where no one is watching you and judging you so that you can both enjoy yourselves. This will create some intimate moments which will bring tears and joy later when you look at those beautiful shots.

#10. The Cake Cutting

Pose before while you cut your cake, this is the shot you would want while looking back. Most couples forget to pose before cutting their cakes so make sure you give your picture-perfect smiles for capturing the moment.

#11. Take A Dip

This is the most adorable pose. And you would be surprised to know how many couples haven’t even tried this pose!

The groom should put his hands firmly on the bride’s lower back while the bride wraps her arms around his neck and the groom gently dips her backward while kissing her to create a mesmerizing moment. This will undoubtedly become one of the most loving wedding photos in your album.

#12. 1, 2, 3 … Hip-Bump!

Get silly with each other!

We know it is your wedding but you are allowed to have some fun too. Count to three and bump your hips at the end of the count, it will create a fun and goofy moment between you and the play is a beautiful way to connect too.

#13. The Veil Wrap

If you are rocking a beautiful veil on your wedding day, you should definitely try this filmy pose. Grab your spouse and drape a veil around both your heads and kiss to have a killer wedding photo.

#14. The Ring Pose

You will be getting plenty of shots of your gorgeous smiling faces, but let’s be honest here – you also want to show off your new ring to the world. Try to pose in a way that shows off your new band on your left hand, like placing your hand on your partner’s head or shoulder, or if you want to show both of your rings you can place your hands on top of each other and get few rich shots of your wedding bands for your album.

#15. Piggyback Shot

Wedding Photoshoot Poses And Ideas Wedding Loan Curation

You do not want to look solemn and serious in all of your wedding photos, add some playfulness in your wedding photos by hopping on your partner’s back for a goofy piggyback picture. This photo will serve as a good display of fun in your wedding album.

#16. Ear Whispering

It’s a secret between you guys!

While you guys are trying to pose for the camera try whispering in his or her ears, this will make your spouse giggle as the camera captures the perfect moment of closeness for you to reminisce later. Better yet, list your favorite chores in a sexy voice in your partner’s ear to make the pictures more memorable to laugh about later.

#17. Carry Her – Bridal Style

This can be the most romantic pose as the groom carries the bride in his arms – one arm under her legs and the other supporting her back.

However, carrying the bride used to have a significant meaning related to some superstitions back in the days but as newlyweds, you should do this for fun. This will make you look super romantic and it will make for an amazing wedding photo.

#18. Just Have Fun

You spent countless hours planning your big day. Do not spend time stressing about posing for the perfect pictures. Trust your photographer to capture your picture-perfect moments.

Let your personality show, have fun with your bridesmaids, play silly games with the groomsmen for goofy shots, tell inside jokes, create your special moments with lots of giggles and laughter. If you can not laugh, just fake it because fake laughs turn into real ones which will eventually turn into the best photographs.


Wedding Pose Mistakes To Avoid

There are many things and many poses that your photographer might disagree about during your wedding photoshoot. But for your poses to look their best and your photos to look most authentic, these are some things that you should keep in your mind during the shoot:

Try to relax as much as possible. Many of the couples become nervous while facing the camera, keep reminding yourself and your partner to relax your body and facial features to get the best shots and just have fun.

Practice your poses before your big day but keep in mind over practicing can lead to self-consciousness. Instead, just try to talk and remember the things that led you to this day which will relax you and make your photos look more natural.

Figure out your best angles and side for the photographs before the shoot so you can tell the photographer which angle suits best for your picture-perfect candids.

Don’t be awkward, if you have a problem or insecurities about doing some poses, discuss it with your partner before the shoot. Don’t be shy about these things because they are going to be your lifelong memories.


Now, You Are Photoshoot Ready!

The wedding day will eventually end, flowers from your bouquet and your wedding cake will only last for a short time.

But your wedding pictures, on the other hand, are going to last forever.

This is the reason why couples in Singapore apply for a wedding loan to pay for their wedding photoshoot. It is eternal.

So, don’t take your wedding photoshoot lightly and have a conversation with your photographer beforehand and express to them what you are looking for in your wedding pictures. Explain to them the shots you want and the pictures you want to recreate from magazines and Instagram so that you can work together with them to create your picture-perfect day.

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