Top 10 Bridal Studios In Singapore For Your Wedding Celebration

Top 10 Bridal Studios In Singapore For Your Wedding Celebration

Finding the right attire for your wedding is quite a chore. We understand that. There’s just so much to do in wedding planning. Everyone naturally loves to celebrate their big day while looking fabulous. And that’s precisely why it’s important to have the perfect look and feel for the occasion.

The best wedding gown, as well as other garments for the whole wedding event, can be a hard thing to pinpoint. Where do you go? How do you sift through all the confusion and all the options?

Well, it’s simple, really.

You choose from the best bridal studios. These studios will help you pick the best apparel as well as the wedding gown that fits the bill.

That is what we are going to have a look at in this article: the top 10 bridal studios you should know about in Singapore. Choose whichever one you wish and we promise an experience that will be completely hassle-free and much more convenient than the alternative of going window shopping without a destination.

Without further ado, let’s get right to the list!

1. Trinity Gallery

Address: 15, Stamford Road, #0-67/68 Capitol Piazza, Singapore 178906

Trinity Gallery is one of the leading bridal studios in Singapore. A luxury bridal and evening wear boutique, the aim of the Gallery is to “dress the most elegant women of South East Asia” on their big day. Outdoing high-end brands and designers, Trinity Gallery’s work brims with spectacle. Their collection is full of dazzling options. You won’t receive anything short of a transformation if you wish so, or an accentuation of your natural elegance if that’s what you want.

Trinity Gallery has everything you need and then some. They capture your sentiments, almost magically, and give you only the very best options that are hard to dismiss no matter which way you look at them from.

Truly mesmerizing, the collection of Trinity Gallery is what you can call a wholesome experience designed to dress you, and only you.

2. Vivian Gown

Address: Blk 308A, Anchorvale Road, Singapore 541308

Vivian Gown deals in readymade wedding dresses specifically. The pricing ranges from S$180 to S$1,500 depending on the designs and the season. They release their own designs and the collection grows every year.

Built for the romantic, the wedding dresses from Vivian Gown are reputed internationally. People who come to Singapore specifically for their big day are awe-struck by the amazing variety at offer here.

Vivian Gown started as a means to dress every bride beautifully and well within her budget. That remains to be their motto to date. Their dresses are cozy and fuss-free. You will have a truly memorable experience in a Vivian gown.

3. Belle & Tulle

Address: #03-12, Palais Renaissance, 390 Orchard Road, Singapore 238871

Belle & Tulle is home to a bewildering selection of designer wedding gowns. Apart from designer gowns, they also deal in evening wear, bridal apparel, and accessories. Their designers include a few of the most reputable wedding fashion designers with remarkable brands of their own: Anne Barge, Berta Balilti, Homa Pirouz, Jennifer Behr, Lela Rose, Mikael Derderian, Naeem Khan, Romona Keveza, Savannah Miller, Toni Federici, Tony Ward, Viktor & Rolf, and Zuhair Murad.

You can be sure of the perfect blend of comfort, elegance, and luxury with such iconic names. Accessories you can get from Belle & Tulle include bobby pins, combs, headbands, and veils. They also maintain a pretty strong presence on an international level.

4. Digio Bridal

Address: 69 Tanjong Pagar Road, Singapore 088490

Digio Bridal has multiple awe-inspiring collections. Notable among these are The Queen, Colors of the Rainbow, and the Blushed Bouquet. The key USP of Digio Bridal is that they aim to dress every bride in a way that she feels special.

Beautiful yet comfortable – the core guiding philosophies of Digio Bridal make sure that your big day is nothing short of the perfect ceremony.

Each client is unique for Digio Bridal. They tailor bespoke wedding gowns and dresses for the special day and their assistance in picking the perfect colors, accessories, and dresses goes well beyond just throwing a dress on you and seeing how it comes out.

More than the dress, you’re likely to fall in love with their attention to detail and care towards every nuance of your wedding day.

5. Z Wedding

Address: 33 Tras St, Singapore 078973

Z Wedding provides a number of services such as pre-wedding shoots, gown consultation, and of course, luxury wedding gowns. You will find the perfect amalgamation of satisfactory standards and top-notch customer service here.

They always prioritize your individualistic needs without shoving mass-adopted cultural paradigms down your throat, so to speak.

Z Wedding promises a commitment to deliver and overdeliver – surpassing what you expected both in terms of quality and satisfaction. All in all, you can never go wrong with Z Wedding. They have been doing this for a while now and understand the needs and wants of the modern bride.

No matter what you think will fit you the best – Z Wedding will deliver that make it even more functional and beautiful than you expected.

6. Rico-A-Mona

Address: 50 Arab Street, Singapore 199747

The go-to bridal and wedding wear boutique for the sophisticated bride, Rico-A-Mona specializes in delivering wedding gowns and dresses with a touch of personality. Their gowns and customer service both connect with you emotionally. Focusing on creating stories rather than providing a mundane service, Rico-A-Mona has made quite the name for itself throughout Singapore and beyond.

Their collections are “equal parts romantic and chic” – highlighting the beauty of the woman in love. This embodies the wedding spirit in the perfect way. And this isn’t just fine penmanship or a claim reduced to just that. You will actually see the difference between other boutiques and Rico-A-Mona as their wedding gowns truly, and somewhat magically, give out an aura of love and sophistication.

Rico-A-Mona is the perfect boutique for you if you are also looking for a romantic twist to your wedding with a prominent dash of style and elegance.

7. Louvre Bridal Couture

Address: Yuejin Street No. 205, Singapore 050000

Louvre Bridal Couture although specializes in a variety of different wedding attire styles, their basic bridal couture, Korean concept, Singapore-style pre-wedding shoot, destination pre-wedding shoots, and high-end wedding day gown collections are a few of the leading attractions.

Their testimonials speak for the quality of service they have. The excellent collections coupled with amazing attention to detail allow them to come up with truly exceptional and bespoke pieces of wedding-day apparel for you.

You can effortlessly make the big day even bigger with Louvre Bridal Couture. Featured on a number of publications and awarded with several prestigious accolades, the Louvre Bridal Couture is one of the best options to work out the perfect wedding day and more.

8. La Belle Couture

Address: 87 Tanjong Pagar Rd, Singapore 088508

La Belle Couture believes in transforming wedding dreams into reality. The La Belle experience is a brand in and of itself. Choosing from the very best designers and materials, La Belle doesn’t just make or choose a dress for you – it does so much more starting right from curating the perfect experience to design your own wedding in your own attire just the way you always imagined.

La Belle Couture is also a reputable rental service. Apart from wedding gown rental, the groom can also get suit and tuxedo rentals from La Belle. And that’s not even half of it! They also provide bridal makeup, related bridal services, complete wedding packages, ROM packages, as well as wedding photography and videography.

Truly a one-stop solution – if you are not looking for hiring multiple vendors then you can go with La Belle Couture. Of course, only after you are okay with their quality. But that won’t be hard. You won’t be okay, you will be blown away with their beautiful designs and craftsmanship.

Apart from being diligent in providing top-notch service, La Belle Couture is also a socially responsible business that does a lot for people around it.

9. The Gown Warehouse

Address: 25 Lichfield Road, Singapore 556845

The Gown Warehouse is a well-established bridal studio in Singapore. Known for its focus on otherworldly beauty, The Gown Warehouse can be your doorway to a world full of ethereal magic. There are many amazing collections to choose from and so many options and varieties to pick that you will never run out of fresh and new possibilities.

Proudly a “lifestyle concept bridal gown specialist store”, The Gown Warehouse delivers much more than just gowns. They also have a strong focus on ongoing trends. Driven by holistic virtues, their designs and customer experience are both tailored towards a lifestyle experience more than a single-day celebration.

Whether you like to keep things simple, minimal, and cozy or you like to only settle for the cutting-edge modern – The Gown Warehouse has the perfect pick of gowns, accessories, and apparel to gel with your liking. Weddings are a magical affair and with just a little help from The Gown Warehouse, you can make the magic felt around you.

Choosing from the very best materials, designs, and ultimately dresses, you will be able to design your own perfect look for the big day.

10. The Prelude

Address: 8 Mohamed Sultan Road #03-01, Singapore 238958

Dubbing themselves as a “luxury wedding atelier in Singapore”, The Prelude is last on our list, but not the least by any means. They might not have a similarly strong online presence right now as other bridal studios do, but their work is truly of the level of a fairy tale.

With many positive reviews even from seasoned designers from all over the world, The Prelude differentiates itself from the rest by custom tailoring a complete package around a bride.

It’s not just about making the bride feel special per se. It’s about creating conditions that manifest the bride as the most special lady on earth on her wedding day. They have been doing bridal design for years now and they ace it every single time. That’s pure experience and dedication to one’s trade at their finest.

Their work transcends cultures, stereotypes, fashion trends, and conventions. The Prelude does truly groundbreaking work and you have to try them to feel it.


Judging criteria

Note that we have curated our top list with our own research. We didn’t just limit our research to hands-on experience, the versatility of portfolio, quality, and value of the service. Major metrics in our research include attention to detail, customer experience, professionalism, and affinity to following the latest trends.

A good bridal studio doesn’t just design and sell gowns. It has to curate an end-to-end experience for the bride because that’s the only way to make her wedding day the best in her life and thoroughly memorably for all who were a part of it.

As such, it’s important to also check for reviews, social media visibility, website, branding, internet presence, awards, and so on. We didn’t focus a lot on seemingly important aspects such as international recognition that are, realistically, of negligible import to the Singapore bride who wishes to hire the best bridal studio for her big day.

As such, we hope to have helped in your hunt for the perfect wedding apparel and to have aided in the process of finding the right studio and selection of services to make you feel special. If you are looking for bridesmaid dresses, you can refer to our specially curated list as well.

Remember, you deserve only the best. All of the studios we have listed here are among the best of the best, working with the most qualified wedding and fashion designers. These are the cream of the crop, so to speak. You cannot go wrong with any of the studios.

Now, the only step that remains is talking with the studios you like and those that are placed near you to get quotations. Extra financial aid is available if you need it for your wedding. All the best!

Financing your dream wedding has never been easier.
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