6 Ways To Cut Down On Wedding Costs In Singapore (Budget Friendly)

6 Ways To Cut Down On Wedding Costs In Singapore (Budget Friendly)

Wedding costs have been driven up even despite the pandemic. It’s pretty much the norm: you can expect a significant increase in the costs of all the ingredients of a successful wedding on a yearly basis.

But don’t worry, we’re here to take care of your woes. We’re going to focus on the most effective ways of cutting down on your wedding costs.

The wedding cost should never be a burden. If it is all sounding like too much work and too much cash purely because of societal pressure then that’s the first thing you need to get in order.

Don’t be influenced by what everyone else is doing or has done. Basically, you should not FOMO.

Make the wedding you are managing unique in its own way. The race to spend more and more never truly inspires people to get creative or innovating. It’s a boring race that drives the wedding cost up for all the future generations.

At the same time, your wedding should not affect your monthly expenses. You should not be scrimping on your meals. To manage the costs better, you can consider taking a wedding loan. You can get free quotes or calculate the loan amount here.

With that out of the way, let’s focus on some effective wedding cost-cutting methods.

1. Shun over-the-top wedding invitations

Avoid Over The Top Wedding Invites To Lower Wedding Costs

Your wedding invitations don’t have to be very fancy. In fact, simple wedding invitations can still look pretty. Remember, the wedding invitations aren’t what the wedding is for. There are plenty of free templates online.

Sure, saving a few dollars doesn’t sound like that big a deal but when you multiply these few dollars by the tons of cards you will be printing – you might be surprised as to how much you can save.

But don’t take it the wrong way.

By no means you should cheap out. That will be taken very badly. Find out creative ideas to have a wedding invitation that’s classy, minimal, and elegant all the while being simple to drive down the wedding cost.

2. Research and compare wedding planners and bridal packages

Bridal packages are perhaps the most bang for the buck method to cut down on your wedding cost. A bridal studio can provide all-in-one packages that can save you the trouble of hiring specialists and overpaying them all.

Getting separate vendors for everything might as well double the wedding cost relative to getting a one-stop solution in a cost-effective bridal package.

Alternatively, you can also go for a wedding planner. There’s a common misconception regarding wedding planners that they are an unnecessary expense and you can easily manage the wedding yourself.

However, the truth is, it’s probably your first time managing a wedding. For them, it might as well be their hundredth. With this comes experience and a network of vendors. They can use both these to actually drive the wedding cost down. See it as a smarter investment that also saves you from the additional headache.

Along with a wedding planner, you can apply for a wedding loan to spread out the costs.

3. Pre-determined budgets

Always pre-determine a wedding budget.

It helps to keep the wedding cost down. Also, make it pretty clear that you have a budget and you don’t wish to exceed it except in extraordinary circumstances.

More than others, you need to tell yourself that there’s a set amount of money allotted to manage the wedding in and it cannot be surpassed.

For example, how much should you be spending on your engagement ring? $1,000? $5,000?

Setting a budget is always a neat little hack whenever you have to save money and it works just as well for driving down a wedding’s cost.

4. Separating the “wants” from the “needs”

What you want vs. what you need or desire should be a list you work on pretty early on in the planning process. Arrange all the foreseeable features of the wedding into one of the two columns. This will allow you to not go beyond your budget. When you start going out of budget, try to cancel things from the wants column to stay within it.

What you must-have for the wedding to be successful is a need. And what you wish to have or desire in the wedding is a want.

To cut down on wedding costs, many couples have bought their bridesmaid dresses online. Today, the online shopping scene is a lot more sophisticated than before. The dresses are elegant, gorgeous and best of all, affordable. 

It’s important to make the distinction between all that you want for the wedding and all that you need for the wedding. It will save you from a lot of trouble if you happen to end up doing last-minute deductions and head-scratching.

5. Take another look at that guest list

The number of guests is directly proportional to the expense you will incur. You don’t have to invite the entire kampung.

That acquaintance from University? It’s not a must to invite him.

It’s only natural then that you should take another closer look at the guest list. It can help you save up on the overall wedding cost.

Skipping distant relatives, not-so-close acquaintances, or come-and-go friends is perfectly okay.

6. Avoid weekend plans (weekend weddings)

How To Lower Wedding Costs In Singapore

Weekends are considerably costlier than weekdays. Ceremonies, hotels, banquets, rentals, photography services, videography, entertainment costs, and so on – everything is priced higher on the weekends.

It’s a great idea to schedule everything on a weekday.

Here is Singapore’s wedding banquet price list.

Other ways

Here are three more ways that might apply in your situation to help you drive down the wedding cost:

1. Is a hotel really that necessary? Choose other venues. Hotels aren’t the only way to throw a wedding. Find more down-to-the-earth yet beautiful venues. Singapore is full of such places and finding one around you shouldn’t be a very difficult task at all.

2. Have you considered going do-it-yourself (DIY)? Decorations, favors, invites, the stage, seats, and many other things can be done the DIY way. With or without an artistic flair and a creative side, you can make a wedding venue shine simply with the touch of uniqueness.

3. Pay with the right credit cards. No matter how hard you try to drive down the wedding cost, it can still end up being pretty costly. It helps to sift through the credit cards you own or those of your family members to find the ones that give discounts, cashback, or offers for expenses you will be incurring.

In conclusion

Hopefully, you picked up a trick or two to cut down on the wedding cost.

Remember, a wedding is bound to be an expensive affair. At most, you will be able to drive the cost down to S$15,000 – and that’s an extreme case. Manage your expectations and follow the guidelines here.

If you need extra cash for your wedding, you can use a wedding loan calculator to determine how much to borrow.

Financing your dream wedding has never been easier.
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