Best Cost Guide To Weddings In Singapore 2022 (Engagement Rings, Banquets & More)

Best Cost Guide To Weddings In Singapore 2022 (Engagement Rings, Banquets & More)

There’s a fairylike sensation about weddings that a lot of us have been enchanted by, even way back when we were kids. Think about beautiful wedding photoshoots, gorgeous wedding dresses and more.

As a grown-up—when getting married is a prospect fast approaching—the realities of its trouble become all too seeming, and that’s usually because of one thing, money.

The whole thing is going to cost, even your dream wedding. But no need to worry, in this article, we’re going to discuss all that you might need in a wedding, from the basics details that come up all through wedding planning to allure and romance.

More exclusively, we’re going to go deep about what they’re going to charge with some added information, so you know where to put that wedding money, a good wedding loan and with a bit of luck, make that dream wedding a reality (and within a sensible budget).

How Much Should You Save for a Wedding in Singapore?

 A typical wedding in Singapore has an average cost of around $30,000 to $50,000. The sum can go up to as high as $100,000 and furthermore, or as low as $20,000, all reliant on the type of wedding you desire and its scale.

By means of this, your budget and costs will rely highly on the number of guests, the situation, food, decorations, and the whole lot of everything else that you may require in your wedding.


Bridal Package

Receiving bridal packages from bridal studios is immense for soon-to-be-married couples as it benefits to check off quite a lot of things on a budget wedding checklist.

Here’s a list of the top bridal studios in Singapore for your consideration.

You get the chance to rent pick from wedding gowns and suits, the facilities of a wedding stylist for your hair, a makeup artist, have bridesmaid dresses and groomsmen suits organized, as well as the benefits such as services of a pre-wedding photographer/videographer for the pre-wedding photoshoot.

Additionally, it has all the shop options for the bride. The bride gets to choose from a collection of wedding gowns with free altering, hair, and makeup to go along with everything. Some may even consider throwing in a spa treatment for the soon-to-be bride.

Wedding packages may differ in price, with the variety of costs reliant on your additions and preferences. This might consist of the number of gowns and the adjustments for each, the site for the pre-wedding photography session, the number of photos you want to be in your wedding album, and many more things like this.

• Low Package Price: S$3,000

• Mid Package Price: S$5,000

• High Package Price: S$7,000

Separately all of these may consist of at least 25 to 35 free photos for the wedding album, 3 to 5 wedding dresses or gowns with proper customization, 3 to 5 suits. Prices may depend on different bridal studios and might feature more additional things as the price range rises, from the make-up artist to photographer and videographer.


Wedding Bands

Wedding bands or wedding rings are significant and also expensive because of what it represents—the sacred bond of a couple through the vow of marriage.

As we know the engagement ring is not part of a pair, you’re going to want a wedding band to exchange with your partner.

Find out the average cost of engagement rings in Singapore here.

They might look modest, but the average price of a single wedding band can sum to S$1,000. The costs can go up depending on what material you choose and the accumulation of diamonds or gemstones.

• Low Price: S$2,000

• Mid-Price: S$4,000

• High Price: S$6,000

The price might seem sheer, specifically for sought-after designer brands like Bvlgari and Trinity de Cartier. But don’t fuss—you get to have and save it for the rest of your life along with your mate, so there’s no need to worry and feel guilty for investing in this kind of thing.


Wedding Banquet

Cost Of Wedding Banquets In Singapore Wedding Loan Curation

 Weddings are considered a celebration of the love of aspiring brides and grooms, and it’s a lovely thing that, for a lot of people get to be a part of it and share it with them. But one thing is accurate in the case of Singapore weddings as it is to the rest of the world—the wedding banquets are one of the main things that can upsurge wedding prices.

In order to cover the costs for a wedding banquet, couples often take on wedding loans to top up the remaining amount.

To compose a guest list of friends and family into a wedding location can be pricey, and the variety of costs for banquets has only gradually increased in the past few years. Still, there’s been an increase in customization decisions and menu choices.

The typical wedding banquet can cost around S$30,000, presumptuous couples go for a mighty count of 150 attendees comprising of your family and friends; in a 5-star wedding venue, the average per-person cost is around S$200. Trust us, S$30,000 is one of the lower estimates.

• Low Cost: S$ 15,000

• Mid Cost: S$ 30,000

• High Cost: S$ 40,000+

The costs of a wedding banquet will highly depend on how many guests you would want to invite and the venue of your choice for your Singapore wedding, and even the date of the wedding. It is much inexpensive to go for weekday dates rather than weekend dates when it comes to wedding venues.

These prices can increase as high as S$95,000 if you invite 300 people to one of the most luxurious wedding banquet sites. At last, it is your decision, what kind of venue you desire according to your taste and the vision you have in your mind for your reception.

To finance your dream wedding and save those financial worries, you can apply for a low interest wedding loan to help with the costs.


Wedding Cake

A wedding cake can be an amazingly chunky part of the costs of an average wedding, but every now and then you just got to have it. If you have space in your wedding budget for a decent piece of layered concoctions, here are some predictable prices.

• Low Price: S$ 500

• Mid-Price: S$ 750

• High Price: S$ 1,000

Conditioning on your wedding banquet venue, a wedding cake will typically be presented with some extra cost for some good worth for money. Although, for a special customized wedding cake, it might cost you more.


Wedding Car Rental

Wedding cars constitute a small percent of the wedding budget, but you can also entirely skip them for your own car too.

If you decide to rent a wedding car, the price will rely on the model and how many hours you are going to be using them.

• Low Price: S$ 200

• Mid-Price: S$ 450

• High Price: S$ 600

Fortunately, there are various wedding car services in Singapore. Some might even cater to couples who want a theme-based wedding.

Wedding Photography & Videography

Technology has advanced to the point where photography is no longer limited to smile-less black and white photos and has effectively pierced its way into day-to-day life. It is no wonder that soon-to-be brides and grooms want to preserve the memories of their wedding to look back to lovingly.

In this case, they would need to make space in their wedding budget for a professional wedding videographer or/and photographer for the day to get the desired results. Here is an estimated idea of what it may cost.

• Low Cost: S$ 2,000

• Mid Cost: S$ 4,000

• High Cost: S$ 6,000

Going as low as S$2,000 can get yourself a professional photographer to seize the remembrances of the day. Some photography companies provide both videography and photography, in which case you may get an average cost of S$4,000 for both things. The prices will increase for longer hours and if you want pre-wedding pictures and videos to be taken and also during the wedding itself.

Get an in-depth breakdown of the wedding photography costs in our article here.



In the context of legality, getting married really doesn’t cost that much. A couple of Singapore a citizen can register at the Registry of Marriages for S$42 and S$380.

Happily, solemnization is reasonably more unintentional, as a majority of the costs for weddings are usually spent on the feast. Assume you have isolated venues for solemnization and wedding reception. Therefore, solemnization venues are much inexpensive with only a booking fee, although having the ceremony in a church might have the couple heartened to contribute. This can be upright for a budget wedding.

You can also go for the solemnization ceremony to be seized at the Registry of Marriages itself.

• Low Price: S$ 1,000

• Mid-Price: S$ 3,000

• High Price: S$ 5,000

The solemnization prize contains the booking fee and simple lunch catering, growing as you make the occasion majestic.

It’s also significant to note that some venues offer room for both the solemnization ceremony and the banquet. Having a comparable setting for both ceremony and banquet can be idyllic, and it can improve some value for money, particularly if your selected banquet venue has a space to offer.

Some of the hotels have really decent spots for the ceremony, and the solitary location can make it laid-back for both you and your family and friends as a substitute for having to move from one place to the other.


The Bottom Line

Celebrate The Best Wedding Possible Wedding Loan Curation

Weddings are very special instances that permit substantial spending. From wedding bands to food for guests, there is a lot of things that you will need to be ready for.

Eventually, however, weddings will cost as much or as tiny as you desire.

You can also go for an intimate event, with just your close friends and family, or even no one at all. Your honeymoon could be two weeks at a cozy location with the one you love.

Or you can go for a grand wedding with over three hundred attendees in the stunning, extensive ballroom of a five-star hotel, and you and your new partner will fly off into a striking getaway overseas to celebrate your nuptials.

Both are similarly pleasing and binding. At the end of the day, you’re happily married. Just be sure that any kind of wedding you pick, you are monetarily organized.

To get the money needed for your wedding, simply apply for a loan here. It takes only 5 minutes!

Alternatively, read more about what we do here!

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