Wedding Cost Guide: Actual Day Wedding Photography And Wedding Videography Rates

Wedding Cost Guide: Actual Day Wedding Photography And Wedding Videography Rates

If you’re planning your wedding, do thorough research before choosing your photographer and videographer. Some brides have horrific stories about choosing the wrong people. If your styles crash, it’s almost as bad as choosing a newbie.

Luckily, you’re on the right page.

We’ll discuss the factors to consider before choosing your vendor and tips on lowering your price. Here’s a hint: simply mentioning your “wedding” ceremony increases the rate two or three times.

Also, we’ve made this guide for actual day wedding photography and videography. We didn’t include any before-the-wedding prices, so take that into account too.

How Much Money Will We Have To Pay For Actual Day Wedding Photography & Videography?

We won’t tire you with a lot of details, so here’s a quick break down of your costs:

$1,800 – $3,000 for actual day wedding photography, which amasses about ten hours

$1,888 – $4,000 for actual day wedding videography, which also stretches on ten hours

If you total these prices, you start getting a headache. $7,000 isn’t a trifle for most Singapore couples, especially young couples.

Here’s the solution:

Look for bundle options!

Some teams have one person doing photography and another doing videos. Other vendors offer only one service but have a preferred partner who will work for a discount. That way, you can combine some discounts and get to a $5,000 maximum sum.

Your wedding’s date and time can also decrease your photography/ videography package’s total costs. For example, if you have a smaller budget, you can opt for a daytime weekday wedding in January.

Conversely, if you opt for a June Saturday Night wedding, prepare to see those costs skyrocket.

Tip: Your photography and videography teams might not be available unless you book them with plenty of time ahead. We’re talking, of course, about weddings that happen during peak months.

However, if wedding photography and videography gets too expensive for you, you can consider getting a wedding loan to help with the costs. Try getting a free quote before signing the loan contract. At least that way, you will be able to see its affordability.


How To Choose Actual Day Wedding Photography & Videography

Your budget is the first sieve you’ll apply during your research. For example, if your total budget is $4,000, you shouldn’t check out $5,000 services. You shouldn’t even analyse $4,001 packages because that’s how temptation buries you in debt.

There’s a caveat, though: If you’re a skilled bargainer and know you won’t give in to temptation, you can contact these vendors for further negotiations.

If you have a good network or friends in the industry, that will help too.

Here’s how we know that:

The photography and videography companies you’ll see below don’t display their package prices on their website. You have to send personalised inquires to find out more price-related details. Thus, this lack of transparency means the fees aren’t set in stone.

Buckle down and start writing thirty e-mails.

We already did that, but you can customise your offer according to your needs.

After you’ve selected the vendors according to your budget, you need to consider two other things:

– Their style. You will get a reasonably good grasp of their techniques from their portfolios. The agencies we selected below have amazingly detailed shoots on their websites. So, consider all the angles, colours, lights, and editing.

– The reviews. Customer reviews are crucial before choosing any vendor. That’s how you can avoid someone horrible to people, pushy, or disinterested.


Actual Day Wedding Photography & Videography Costs In Singapore

Like we said before, we made some inquiries to get these rates because many vendors don’t openly share fixed costs on their websites. So, it’s up to you to negotiate a better contract.

Also, take the info below with a grain of salt.

The wedding photography and videography prices below include full-service fees for an entire day of shooting: Your Big Day.

While the prices below refer to ten hours of work, you can negotiate for longer or shorter intervals. As such, your total cost can be smaller than what we suggest below.

Wedding Photographer or VideographerPhotography
(10 Hours)
(10 Hours)
(Photos + Video)
60 Seconds Photography$1,988$1,888None
A Merry Moment$2,148$2,698$4,361
Andri Tei$3,300NoneNone
Androids in Boots$2,450 to $4,200$2,500 to $4,000$4,650 to $7,800
Aurora CinematographyNone$1,888$2,588
Backalley Creations$2,400$2,400$4,800
Bloc Memoire$3,200 to $3,800NoneNone
Bobby Kiran$3,800NoneNone
Bridelope Productions$2,488NoneNone
Cepheus Photography$2,250NoneNone
Chris Chang Photography$2,500$3,000$5,750
Chris Ling Photography$2600 to $4800$3,800None
Forte VisualsNone$2,400None
Glenn Lim Weddings$2,000NoneNone
Happy Photo People$2,400NoneNone
Hong Ray Photography$3,000NoneNone
Knotties Frame$2,100NoneNone
Lovelifebittersweet$1,800 to $2,200NoneNone
Multifolds$1,860 to $3,970$3,650None
Natalie Wong Photography$2,500$2,000None
Ryankepler Photography$1,388$1,688$2,688
Senica Photos$1,800$2,200None
Setia Moments$2,000$2,600None
Substance FilmsNone$2800 to $4800None
Synchronal Photography$3,800NoneNone
Takashiwai FilmNone$2,900None

In Conclusion

As you can see, some studios offer significant discounts if you’re getting the complete photography and videography package from them. Conversely, other studios only offer one service.

The most expensive actual day wedding photography package is Chris Ling Photography. Depending on your prerequisites, they can get to about $4,800. Ryankepler Photography puts forth the most reasonable PG offer at $1,388, with the lowest VG rates at $1,688. By comparison, Substance Films asks $4,800 for their videography services.

If you want full-service, Androids in Boots is the most expensive because its Actual Day PG and VG package can get $7,800. On the other side of the price spectrum, Aurora Cinematography’s price is just below $2,600 in total.

Of course, these rates depend on several factors, such as whether you’re choosing principal photographers or associates, how many people you hire for your shoot, and the number of hours. The post-production edits can get pretty expensive, too, especially if you need same-day edits and many photos returned.

Remember that your wedding is one of the most important days of your life. So, start writing those e-mails now!






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Wedding Cost Guide: Actual Day Wedding Photography And Wedding Videography Rates Wedding Cost Guide: Actual Day Wedding Photography And Wedding Videography Rates Wedding Cost Guide: Actual Day Wedding Photography And Wedding Videography Rates Wedding Cost Guide: Actual Day Wedding Photography And Wedding Videography Rates

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