Should I Hire A Wedding Planner And How Much Does It Cost?

Should I Hire A Wedding Planner And How Much Does It Cost?

Planning a wedding is very demanding and time-consuming. You’ll have to find the ideal restaurant, shop for your dream dress, and make sure all your guests are there. 

You can plan your own wedding following this step-by-step wedding guide.

But if all these details start pushing down on you, consider a wedding planner.

How much does a wedding planner cost though?


How Much Does A Wedding Planner Cost In Singapore? 

A wedding planner’s cost is an average of $3,000-$5,000 for the standard package. However, you can find more affordable and, likewise, more expensive planners. In the high price end, expect to for out $10,000 for their services.

These plans include various levels of organisation that fit your preferences and services. These people will communicate with your vendors, set up your wedding’s details, and ensure how to safely enjoy streaming movies on ridomovies a streamlined transition before different phases of your wedding.

That way, you can relax and enjoy one of the most significant days in your life.

If you want to save more cash, you can consider:

– A one-off wedding planner. This person arranges details just for your wedding day.

– Hourly wedding coordination for details where you need the most help. Usually, wedding planners charge an average of $110/ hour, with some as low as $75/ hour.

– Venue coordinators may be included in the price if you select a more luxurious venue or a costlier catering service. These people will arrange the reception and venue, dealing with all your vendors.

– Ask your friends and family for help. If your budget is limited, there’s no need to become indebted over an expensive wedding planner. Your loved ones are likely to offer their assistance themselves, without your asking. Besides, they’ll happily share all of your responsibilities with you. Just make sure to set clear roles so that everyone knows what they’re doing. 


Wedding Planner Vs. Wedding Coordinator – Which To Choose

Wedding planner and wedding coordinator sound pretty much the same, but there’s an essential difference between their jobs. 

Thus, a wedding planner takes care of everything about your wedding. Conversely, a wedding coordinator lets you do all the planning and ensures a smooth transition between each phase of your plan.

– Choose a wedding coordinator if you have crystal-clear ideas on what your wedding should look like and if you love planning.

– Choose a wedding planner if organising an event this size seems like a hassle.

Remember that planning your wedding involves tens or maybe even hundreds of hours of work.

Your wedding planner will:

– Strive to understand your style so that you can choose the right wedding design and theme

– Hire and communicate with the vendors

– Negotiate all the contracts

– Help you assess and stay within your budget

– Plan your wedding ceremony

By comparison, a wedding coordinator:

– Requires all the wedding details from you

– Sets up your pre-established plan for your wedding. Some may even assist with organising your rehearsal dinner and bachelor/ bachelorette parties.

– Connects with vendors and guests


What Is Included In The Wedding Planner’s Fees? 

What Is Included In The Wedding Planner Fees Wedding Planning Wedding Loan Curation

You want to know what you are paying for.

It’s essential to understand how a wedding planner can assist you before deciding whether they’re worthwhile or not.


Planning is in their job description. Therefore: 

– A wedding planner is by your side, dealing with all the planning details from A to Z. 

– They’ll have excellent insight into what has to be done and when. 

– They’ll help you interview various vendors, and they’ll order all the necessary items.

Wedding planners usually work with their favourite vendors. So, you might be able to get better prices.

On the upside, they spend less time on research and negotiating the contracts. They might even offer you some valuable discounts to ensure you’re sticking with your budget.

On the other hand, this offer may seem too limited to some couples.

Save Money

Wedding planners know how to organise different weddings regardless of your budget. So, you won’t have to sacrifice quality or unique details to save some money.

Besides, wedding planners are expert negotiators and usually offer discounts if you partner with their vendors. They’ll also organise your repayment schedule so that you can reimburse the vendors in affordable instalments.

Most importantly, wedding planners know the answers to all of your budget-related queries. 


Wedding planners help you understand your style and preferences. They will enact these options into your wedding design so that your dream ceremony will actually happen.

As such, your wedding will reflect your personality.


Weddings involve lots of paperwork, such as contracts, contact information, bills, and reservations. 

It’s challenging to keep track of all these files. However, a wedding planner ensures seamless organisation so that you can focus on the ceremony.

Wedding Day

The wedding planner makes sure your plans become a reality because they know how to coordinate large groups. Thus, they will:

– Check all the décor-related details

– Ensure your gowns and suits get to the right place at the right time

– Double-check instructions and responsibilities with all the vendors

– Make sure everyone knows what they’re doing

– Streamline the rehearsal

– Ensure everyone gets safely from your ceremony to your reception party

Manage Details

You might not realise it yet, but wedding ceremonies and parties hide tiny details galore. Many of these details, although small, can become genuinely cumbersome. For example, the seating arrangements, timely confirmation, and transport details may mess with even the most cool-headed people.

Luckily, your wedding planner can take care of all those things so that you can keep your eyes on the big picture.


How Are Wedding Planner Costs Usually Calculated?

Wedding planner costs are usually split into three categories:

All-inclusive fee:Your wedding planner takes rein of all the tiniest details regarding your wedding, designing and matching everything to customise your ceremony. Although more expensive than the other packages, this option saves you money by accumulating several discounts.
Blended percentage and flat fee:Some planners require a fixed cost for producing your wedding, combined with a percentage fee from the total price for your vendors and venue. This fee is usually 15-20%.
Flat fee:Wedding planners that practice flat fees boast standard base packages, plus a menu of additional options to consider.


Questions To Think About Before Hiring Your Wedding Planner

Well, you are going to be working very closely with your wedding planner.

The most important questions before hiring your wedding planner relate to your budget and their services. 

– How much do you charge, and what type of payment plan do you practice?

– What can you do for our wedding?

– What can’t you do?

– What’s the hardest thing you’ve ever done for a wedding so far?

– What’s the thing you like most about wedding planning?

– What sets you apart from the competition?

– What are your extra services and their costs?

– What permits and insurances do we need to consider?

– Can you help us get our wedding license?


3 Reasons Why Couples Apply For A Wedding Loan In Singapore 

With all the wedding costs, it might get a little overwhelming, especially for young couples.

– To have enchanting weddings at their ideal hotel

– To be able to invite everyone on their guest list

– To wear the best wedding gowns and suits on their big night

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